Get Into Betting on Football – You Can Do It!

Betting on the big games? You’re not alone. Betting on NFL and college football has become the interesting little hobby that nobody seems to want to admit to in public. In the United States, the only legal place physically to bet is Nevada, even though you can definitely get betting action in a million places. It’s truly something that people are into. There are friendly little bets in the office, and then there are online bookmakers. It’s definitely a great time for sports betting.

What could be more primal, more interesting, and even more American than football? Even if you’re not American, there’s something interesting about the NFL football games that really sucks people in. They talk about it, blog about it, get into heated arguments about it. Love it or hate it, football in all of its forms is here to stay.

If you’re looking at getting into the swing of things for next year, there’s a few things you need to know. This way, when the season for football comes back around, you’ll already be ahead of the curve!

First and foremost, you need to have a plan. You can’t just bet based on your heart. It’ll lead you astray every single time. However, if you have a good plan, then you’re going to be ahead of the recreational players. Don’t get sucked into “sure things” — you will need to make sure that you’re using logic and not emotion. This is true no matter what sport you’re interested in.

From here, it’s all about money management. In fact, according to Morey “Doc” Moseman (a professional gambler and sports consultant with 40 years of experience), money management is THE thing to watch out for, and also the most neglected. “The key to proper money management is to be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose.” says Moseman.

Mr. Vaccaro, one of Las Vegas’s sharpest bookmakers, says that if you have a bankroll of $1,000 for the football season, you need to bet no more than $50 a game. Definitely something to think about. For the international players among us, you should scale that to the currency of your choice. A bankroll of 1000 EUR should still work out to 50 EUR a game. Or 50 GBP. It doesn’t really matter.

Looking around for the best number in terms of sports betting lines is also the key. You should find a sportsbook that you really like that has good numbers. Just remember that they are indeed changing their numbers to reflect the betting patterns of their customers.

Don’t forget to look at the underdogs, especially when they play on home turf. They’re going to be inspired to do their best because they’re in their own territory. Big underdogs will push hard because they know that their “crowd” is watching them. Sharp bettors are going to be hunkering down, and you should as well.

If you start losing, don’t try to chase bets to win back your losses. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is go home. It’ll save your bankroll and you can play another day. Restraining yourself is probably going to be very difficult at first, but it’ll get better over time. It cannot be stressed enough — the long term is where you need to think. Thinking over the whole season will make you come out ahead better than chasing game to game wins or trying to make your money back quickly. It’s not worth it!

Exotic wagers isn’t where you want to be either. Parlays might not be where you want to go. It would make more sense to go with betting on the point spread, or over/under totals on individual games. 11 to 10 odds is pretty cheap betting, so don’t overlook it.

Another point that all of the big dogs agree on is the power of research. If you’re looking in terms of conferences, you’ll find a wealth of data that will help you develop your handicapping skills to the fullest. The Internet has made it easier to become a sophisticated gambler if you’re willing to take the time to research.

Many experts say to ignore the talking heads on TV — they aren’t knowledgeable about what it takes to really get ahead in sports betting, so why pay them any attention? Don’t lose your head and stay with solid betting advice from people that are really putting their money on the line.

As with anything, you’ll have to pick and choose the advice that best serves your purposes. Why not check things out for yourself today? There’s a lot of fun in betting on the big games, and this advice should help you even if you’re looking at college football. Hang in there, and good luck!