NFL Prop Betting

When you first begin betting, trying to figure out spreads, lines and the like can be a bit overwhelming. Some people like betting on something a little easier to understand. Not everyone can step right in and understand the nuances of betting a spread effectively. Most people, however, can understand the concept of picking a team to win their division, or guessing who will win the Super Bowl. Anyone can do that with a modicum of skill if they know a little about NFL football. These types of bets are called prop bets. This is short for proposition bets. It essentially covers any bet that is not dependent exclusively on the final outcome of the game.

Prop betting is extremely common in the NFL betting circles, but it can actually be done with any sport. Some people pull out prop bets on things as simple as chess games. Generally speaking, however, prop betting is done on athletic events.

Are prop bets essentially side bets?

For the most part yes, they are.  Prop bets are side bets that do not depend on who wins or loses an individual game. As mentioned before, you might make a prop bet on who will win the most games in the NFC South, or who will take home the rookie of the year award at season’s end. Indirectly prop bets can be dependent on who wins a group of games in that manner.

Who makes prop bets?

Prop bets are popular with every type of bettor. They are popular with the pros because they offer up in depth analysis opportunities and challenges. Trying to guess the winner of a division before the season starts is tough if you are making that as a prop bet. Prop bets are popular with beginners as well because they are simplistic on the surface. In other words, you might make a prop bet on a single game about how many touchdowns Cam Newton will run for in a given game. Any beginner can give a decent guess, but only the pros will check the offensive line injuries for the Panthers and who they are playing against on Sunday. This makes prop bets one of the most popular NFL bets around.

Who sets up the prop bets?

Usually the sportsbook that is in charge makes these prop bets but they are called proposition bets for a reason. If you feel you have a bet that you would like to put out there, ask around to the sportsbooks and occasionally you will find one to take your wager. Prop bets are flexible in this manner.

What are the most popular prop bets?

Prop bets are extremely popular at large sporting events like the Super Bowl. In fact, the Super Bowl is the single biggest prop bet generating event on the planet. Every season, tons of prop bets come out to give you tons of options. If you want to get into betting games but you don’t feel comfortable with the lines, then prop betting may be for you.