Strategy and Coaching

In the game of American football, many newcomers would imagine it is a game of brute strength and physical power, yet behind the lines there is a extremely high level of strategy involved both on the defensive end and the offensive end of the field.

This strategy is led by the intelligence and knowledge of the team’s head coach. Head coaches are paid and employed to help prepare, coach, and motivate the franchise’s players to be the best complete team possible. There is always a head coach, who hires a staff of defensive coordinators, assistants and player personnel. There is also an offensive coordinator and an array of assistants on the offensive end of the ball.

The quarterback usually has his own coach, sometimes a specialist, a quarterback, or at times the head coach acts as the guidance of the quarterback. Some of the most successful coaches in NFL history are: Don Shula, George Halas, Tom Landry, Curly Lambeau, Chuck Noll, Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs, and Dick Vermeil. It is the objective of the head coach to ensure the team is running at its greatest ability on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, as well as to motivate his players to the utmost performance level.

The offense has a playbook, which can consists of hundreds of plays, each scripted strategically to attack the opposing team’s defenses and to expose their weaknesses. plays are sometimes risky, sometimes safe, some only are designed to get a few yards, others a long touchdown. Play calling is determined by the situation that is currently presented to the offensive team, to match their needs and pursuit of scoring a touchdown. There can be trick plays, designed to fool the defense and gain yardage, deception is a key component to a powerful and consistent offensive game plan.

The defense also plans plays to defend the offense, and to hopefully take away the offense’s proposed game plan or strengths. The defense devises schemes and formations to confuse and disturb the offense. The defense must be able to stop the offense’s running attack while at the same time stop their passing attack, which can be very difficult and frustrating. Players and coaches watch hours of film review and prepare for the best game plan for each individual week and each individual team. The head coach and his staff are one of the most key ingredients to a quality football team. The coaches ability to guide and prepare its players for the games, and to get the most out of his players is a sign of a good coach.